SONY A6300 or CANON 70D

A follower of our Instagram account asked the question...

"Hey I had a question for you. I'm really into photography but since I don't have an actual camera I'm very limited. All the shots I take are with my phone. I'm really looking to buy a camera and I've been really interested in buying the Sony a6000 or Canon 70D. I'm an amature and don't really know much about cameras. Which camera do you recommend I should get? I'm still saving up, it's taking me quiet a while because I am broke. My budget is $1500. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear back. Thanks!"

The answer varies on who are. In fairness I should mention that I’m a Canon user for the most part. I started with the 40D, then the 5D MKII & then 7D, Canon C100 and a couple Canon point and shoot cameras. I started with Canon because at the time they were leading the pack, made great cameras and the Canon store was based out of Orange County, CA. That made it easier to drop off for repairs vs. shipping anything to New Jersey for Nikon. And because of that a habit was formed to work with Canon, stay with Canon and not look back. I also admired Canon because on set that's what everyone used. It means that borrowing a battery charger or lens would be less of a hassle, should that be an issue.

In the past couple of years I noticed little excitement coming from the Canon camp. I wasn’t really looking forward to anything, but at the same time I heard Sony mentioned more in conversations. I also heard Fuji’s name pop up, but predominantly the conversations focused on Sony’s innovation and affordability, and from people whose work I admired.

I paid attention to the images produced, the people coming through my studio and what they shot with, also spoke with close friends of mine like Darcy Turenne, a filmmaker from Vancouver Canada. They all love the Sony series and for good reason. They’re the same price but the Sony is smaller, which is excellent for the photographer. Canon has wonderful features but now there's a contender on the block which could cut into Canon's market share.

I believe in Canon still, but I no longer jump at the thought of a new Canon release. On the flipped, Sony gets my interest and filled the gap Canon would not. To answer your question, I would get a Sony and I’d get for a few reasons listed below...

  • Size: The A6300 is small and size matters. If you travel, it’s easily something that goes around your neck and you don’t need additional bags for it (though it’s ideal if you got one). The small size also means you can take your camera to more places. Certain venues don’t allow professional cameras in, and the smaller Sony looks like a consumer level camera but performs like a pro.
  • Continous Shooting: 11 fps vs 7 fps. Many would wonder why that’s even an issue. It’s not if you’re with the kids at Disneyland but it’s crucial if you’re photographing a dancer, athlete, or something in nature. 
  • The ISO of the Sony is stronger than the Canon 70D. That means less grain, better photographs in darker situations. If you want to travel light with a small camera, you’ll probably want to carry less lights. The ISO of the Sony is wonderful for astrophotography or anything in the dark. 51,200 vs. 25,600...
  • 4K. Yes it’s overkill in many situations but have you ever tried to crop in on a video and suffer the blurry aftermath? 4K helps in that department.
  • Sony has a higher color depth, 24.4 vs. 22.5 of the Canon
  • Sony is actually trying to lead. Canon is playing catch up. Go with a leader.