Vero App: 11 Reasons Why All Photographers Should Join!

If you're anything like me, you're probably tired of the Instagram & Facebook algorithm. Recently I saw the back end of a certain Kardashian's Facebook page, and their algorithms show her posts to less than 1% of her followers. This is solely because this family uses their social platforms to push fans towards their apps, not their pages. 

That means FB is punishing the Kardashians for using their influence to move away from the platform and for that reason the famous K family spend over 100K a month of Facebook Ads. You and I aren't that different, in that we have seen the decline of viewership from 75% to 50% to now some are saying 15%. If you're like me you've seen friends randomly pop up on your FB stream where you forget that you were even connected. That's because FB decided that they will decide who you should see, who should see your posts and when you should see them. Since FB purchased IG, the same rules apply and in the past few weeks we've seen the stories section now become an algorithm. We've seen party invites a couple of days late, and personally I've seen the person next to me post something and I didn't have it appear on my feed until the next day. 

I've checked out of Instagram. I still post daily about my photography tips, but my excitement towards it is gone. Part from the fact that when you realize ads appear on your IG stream based on a conversation you had with a friend. That means they are listening!


So glad you you asked! In 2015 a new "true social" app was born by billionaires from the Red Sea and a few venture capitalists. They wanted to get rid of the algorithm and ads. They wanted to let the user have full control of their content and not the big machine. The investors started an app called Vero and it had a very slow growth. However as IG continually ruined their platform, the purpose of a true social app increased in relevance. Now lets move to this past weekend of February 24th and Vero tipped the scale. Over 500K downloads over one weekend and nearly shut down their platforms.  THIS IS EXCITING AND AN ANSWER TO INSTAGRAM'S BAD BUSINESS! This shows how badly we want a new platform or change within Instagram. 

 Vero website platform

Vero website platform


  1. THE ALGORITHM: I am tired of the algorithm and I bet you are also. If I want to post a photograph for my followers, they should be able to see it! You can't decide for me, and that turns me off. Vero won't do an algorithm as promised in their terms, and give us more control with 4 settings for viewing.
  2. IT IS FREE (IF YOU HURRY!): After 1 million downloads they'll charge a few dollars but no exact price has been set. People are saying it's about the same of a few cups of coffee.
  3. NO MORE ADS!: Ads means they do data mining and they listen to conversations. Then those ads show up to your feed. They've ended privacy and Vero has promised no ads. Because of a paid service, they won't need to service ads.
  4. ARTISTS EXODUS: Artists are going to Vero and in very large numbers. Go there and set up your camp because if it's where people are going, you want to be found. 
  5. FACEBOOK BIG BROTHER: Facebook Reign is bad. They control everything, including who should see our photographs, when they get to see it and IF they get to see it.
  6. TAKES LITTLE TIME: It doesn't take much time. What ever you post on IG, FB, or Youtube just repost it there. They also allow you to link directly what ever you want. 
  7. LINK TO YOUR CONTENT: Do you sell plugins, workshops or art prints? You can link in your post and Instagram doesn't allow that. Also that means all of your followers see your link, not just who Instagram thinks should see it.
  8. HOLD YOUR HANDLE: Reserve your name. I grabbed mine and you should grab yours. Grab it early and think what happened when all those Instagram account grabbed their names early and now have millions of followers. 
  9. FILTERS: They still have filters, cropping and all the photo editing features of Instagram. You're not losing anything that you like about Instagram.
  10. YOU ARE IN CONTROL with multiple viewing features. Close friends, friends, acquaintances, flowers are the settings. Imagine what you can do with this. Ultimately the control is in your hands and not IG. You can also separate your posts between business and personal. YES!
  11. IT IS THE INSTA-F*CK-YOU TO INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK: It is ANTI-FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM and it's very important to support anything that brings the freedom back in our hands. We should support this as artists because it looks like this is where we might have the most support ourselves.

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