Wedding planners suggest spending 10-12% of your budget on photography. What means for wedding photographers is a budget that is probably around the $3500 for your average wedding in America. Many of us live in larger metropolitan areas where the average wedding is unlike the rest. Orange County, CA. has an average of $37K, Santa Barbara averages $43K, and New York state averages $48.8K per wedding. That’s the AVERAGE. Do the math on this, as it’s a lucrative industry. 

10% of a $35,000 or even $48,000 budget is excellent for one weekend! Imagine the possibilities after a couple years of networking with local hotels, vendors, and getting word of mouth out there. In major markets, it’s not unheard of to work 3-4 weddings each month during the busy season.

The big paychecks come with even greater responsibility though, and photographers need to remember that it’s a one-time event and probably the most important day of their lives with no do-overs. Suddenly the big checks seem less appetizing as photographers hopefully realize the enormous responsibility on their shoulders. 

We asked one of our favorite photographers how she started in wedding photography, and particularly destination weddings. Margot Landen of Margot Landen Weddings sat with us to answer all the questions you hoped we would ask. Listen to the podcast by clicking the link.

If youve considered photographing weddings but did not understand the list of responsibilites, the personality requirements, equipment needed this is a podcast you dont want to miss. If you have the skills but had no idea how to start marketing yourself, this is the podcast for you. Have a listen by clicking the link to the iTunes Podcast. Free education!