When Darcy came to Los Angeles for a commercial shoot with Patagonia, she made a pitstop to the studio for a visit and to record this inspirational podcast. This would be her first trip out of the country since the 2016 Cannes Film Festival where her film Jackieland premiered at the acclaimed film festival. 

Darcy is also someone I've known for many years, my Canadian twin with the same birthday that I met about 8 year ago and we've been inseparable since. We learn from each other, share war stories, how-to tips, and are each other's honest eye. If it's bad, we say it. If it needs additional work, we say it. For that reason and a hundred more, I wanted everyone to hear Darcy's methods because it's a dose of honesty we all need.

Darcy noticed a beautiful lens at the Cannes Film Festival and found herself an alternative for a fraction of the price, but same results. She found the same llens she wanted, the Petzval Lens(a Soviet Lens) which retails about $600 in the US. Something about the price didn't sit well with her, and that's where she started her online scavenger hunt to locate the Helios 44M .

Please listen to the podcast below to hear how Darcy did it, and her thoughts on buying lenses & cameras. Click on the iTunes logo below.