5 Ways Your Friends & Family Can Support Your Photography Business

5 Ways Your Friends & Family Can Support Your Photography Business

Learn how to ask for support from your loved ones in this post! Photographers (and video) generally rely on the goodwill of strangers and loved ones to support their work. We’ll wait, wish and hope that we get the support. I’ve noticed many artists do this, even makeup and hair stylists. I know one thing from my years of getting published in magazines and many commercial ads. I had to ask for their support when they post on social media. I had to remind paying clients that I would really love their support. I had a very candid conversation with Ricky Martin about this and he was understanding, and I just asked for his support in tagging my photographs when posting.

Instead of getting upset WHY they didn’t tag me, let me try a different approach. WHY don’t they know it’s a big help for my business? And that’s the moment the finger goes from pointing at others and turns around to me. OK so it’s my fault!? PERFECT AND BEST CASE SCENARIO! Here’s why…


When you can master accountability, you’ve just given yourself permission to take credit for all of your accomplishments. I’ll accept the blame for my bad and work on fixing it. I’ll gladly take the credit for all my good, and there’s far more good than bad. I’m guessing it’s exactly the same for you.

I had a conversation with Ricky Martin once about crediting for photographs. He didn’t see it from my point of view until I explained it. He understood and now has been supportive ever since. At first I felt a way about it. Why won’t Ricky tag me? I took that photograph but truth is - he had no idea how important that was for the photographer. I had a conversation with him about it and the problem was solved. Basically, I asked for support and I got it.

Now you can see him tagging me in all the photographs for his Instagram:

Lets talk about how you can ask for support below:

  • Ask for the “Like” on Instagram or Facebook. When a photograph gets a LIKE, it lets the platform know it’s something interesting. Get enough of those and they’ll start showing the photograph to more eyes.

  • Ask them to comment, and more than 4 words ideally. Why? Well same as above. Not only does it alert the social media platform that there’s something interesting happening but there is a higher chance friends of friends will see. That prompts more eyes on the post, more likes and more comments. It’s a domino effect. That means Instagram/Facebook sees all kinds of activities on that post and they’ll start showing it to more followers. Because Instagram is kind and just want you to win? NO. They want to win first (and second and third) but we can use that game to our benefit also. When the see lots of activity they’ll show your post to more people BECAUSE IT MEANS THAT IT’S INTERESTING AND THAT MEANS A HIGHER CHANCE THEY’LL STAY ON THAT PLATFORM LONGER AND NOT JUMP SHIP.

  • Ask for them to tag friends on relevant posts. Know someone looking for a wedding photographer or food photographer? It’s easy for the mutual friend to tag them on your post. That does two big things. First, it says I TRUST THIS PERSON AND I AM TAGGING YOU ON THEIR POST. The second part is, HEY YOU HAVE A NEED AND THEY HAVE A SERVICE, AND I LIKE YOU BOTH.

  • Sharing on a story is great for the friends that want a quick moment but not have it as part of their permanent feed. IG Stories can be fun, quirky and used any which way. They can customize it. Encourage friends and family to repost your images on their stories and ask for a tag back. It helps.

  • Reward those that pay full price. Lets be honest, it’s uncomfortable to announce to everyone: Hey no discounts, only full rates! That’s why I suggest rewarding the friends who understand the life of a freelancer. Give them a shoutout on your social media. Maybe something like:

    “I had the chance to photograph this beautiful family portrait of my friend Sheila, and i’ve know her for so long. Not only was her family beautiful but she’s an amazing soul who understands the importance of supporting small businesses by insisting on paying the full rate and not asking for friends|family discounts.”



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A shorter version of this article was also printed on Fstoppers.

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