Underwater photography advice for iPhone. Image by Adrien RF

Underwater photography advice for iPhone. Image by Adrien RF


Summer is in full swing and everyone wants amazing pictures at the pool and beach with their iPhones. How many can take excellent underwater photographs with their iPhones. With our 8 simple tips, you will have the best chance of capture those underwater memories for years to come.


  1. It's obvious, but we have to say it. Consider safety underwater, on the surface and around the site. You should never put anyone's safety in jeopardy for a photograph.
  2. Use the brightest part of the day to take your pictures. The overhead midday sunlight provides beautiful rays and gives you the best chance of a vibrant photograph. The closer you are to the surface of the water, the better because that's where the majority of the light rays are. If you do not have enough sunlight or travel deeper underwater, you can consider a diver's flashlight torch to help you.
  3. Avoid flash because you will have a high chance of capturing little particles that can obstruct your photograph. It's not a clean light underwater. You should aim for continuous lighting. The Diver's Flash Light Torch is great, sun light is wonderful, or any LED light that' for underwater. 
  4. Consider the 6 feet rule. Shoot everything within 6 feet. Anything more and you will get blur in your pictures. You'll have a lesser chance of getting the eyes in focus or just having anything clear no matter how hard you focus. Stay close to your subject!
  5. Don't zoom in. Shoot wide and if you must, crop later in post production or just get closer to the subject. Getting closer will give you a better images from the beginning. 
  6. Take more images from below the subject. You'll get the beautiful sun rays behind them, and it's more natural. To have someone swim underwater on their back isn't that graceful and it shows in the photographs.
  7. Invest in a real underwater case for your phone. Those phones cost a lot! Treat the with care and tempting as it may be, avoid the ziplock bag. It will break, maybe not the first time but it will!  Here are a couple great options for low priced camera casing from Amazon.

    There is the Joto Cellphone Dry Bag ($4.99) which has excellent reviews and there is also something on the medium-pricey side from FitVision ($29-$65). It's a little more expensive but a very worthwhile investment. 
  8. With underwater photography you should rely more on quantity than on land. You'll take many photographs before capturing a good one because the variables are great. You have moving water, less light, more blur, you have to swim AND take pictures, and so much more. Take it easy on yourself, and know that you'll take many pictures before finding the perfect one! You'll also want to take many so that you have options once on land and reviewing your pictures.