The barons of bokeh look to the past for their latest lens, the Lensbaby Twist 60. It reproduces the idiosyncratic characteristics of the Petzval lens, which renders out-of-focus areas with a lot of curvature. Unlike the other resurrection of the Petzval lens from Lomography, Lensbaby's has a more conventional design (for them, at least), and just tries to reproduce the look rather than the feel. It's also a lot cheaper.

As the name denotes, the Twist 60 has a 60mm focal length, with a 12-bladed aperture that ranges from f2.5-f22 and a minimum focus distance of 18 inches/45.7 cm. Lensbaby plans to offer it in full-frame Canon, Nikon and Sony E mounts. Preorders start next week, and the lens is expected to ship the first week of May for $180 without a Lensbaby mount (directly converted, £126 and AU$240) or $280 with a mount (£197, AU$370).