If you're looking to upgrade your DSLR, rumors state that the new Canon 5D Mark IV was spotted in the wild and it will cost you, at a base price of $3500. However, it's the exact pricing of the Mark III upon its launch. Although there are those who say it'll be named 5DX, we'll call it the Mark IV until positive proof.

Canon Rumors states, "The only reliable specifications we’ve been told is that camera will shoot 4K, have built-in wifi and GPS and have some touchscreen functionality. A less reliable source has told us the camera will shoot to CFast, just like the EOS-1D X Mark II. We’re sure the camera will have dual slots, but we don’t know how the media will be configured."

We cannot wait for additional details to leak, this sounds exciting. We're curious to see if Canon takes this opportunity to jump ahead of the competition or if they'll play the blackberry game of keeping up.