We all fear the unknown and since this is a photography related account, I'll address that. Many people fear failure and because of that they never start. Oddly enough, THAT is a failing situation.

However, I once heard a great piece of advice that sat with me. I wish that I remembered who said it 😔.  

If you want to get from LA to MIAMI, literally drive across the United States you get on the 10 FWY and never exit. That's it! 🚗 But most won't take such a trip, and that's because they worry about flat tires, overheating, weather conditions, engine failure, money, etc... I get that, BUT I've learned (and still learning) that we cannot control everything.

You cannot worry about the Phoenix traffic jam, potholes in New Mexico or if you'll need new tires in the middle of Texas. What happens there is none of your worries. For your voyage worry only about what's in front of you. There's a pothole? Swerve a little. Need new tires? Find a local tire shop and get a deal. Traffic jam some where? Pull over and rest up. DO NOT worry about what's too far ahead of you because when you get there, the situation will likely be different.

WORRY ONLY AS FAR AS YOUR HEADLIGHTS CAN SEE. Now for photography, the same applies. Your portfolio will never be complete, ever. You'll never be good enough, you'll always get better. Start shooting. Who will be your agent? Don't worry! Just capture the images you want, they'll notice and you'll stumble upon the right connections. You want the best camera before you start? You'll never save enough for the best camera, because once you buy it...a new version will arrive.

Just start somewhere. Worry about the immediate problem(s) in front of you and adjust to them. Worry only as far as your headlights can see. This helped me, I hope you also benefit-- @walid_azami #advice #Howtophotograph