For photographers eager to make a little extra money, there is an option on the rise much like Uber & Lyft contributed to the pockets of many who were out of work. Mendr is the product of Dallas-based entrepreneurs Pat Thibodeau and Josh Farrar who thought it was a great idea.

To make it an easy product for all, Mendr has a free version (Editor's Touch) and then a paid version (Tailor Edit). The free version allows the user to make basic changes like toning and exposure. Why users would use this vs. their own phone's editing features is a mystery but it's great of Mendr to make it available on their app. The real feature is the Tailor edit which gives the customer an extensive menu of options. You can reduce blemishes, alter clothing, remove objects in the background or any other variety of changes. Prices vary based on your request. 

Early word is that it's a great source of income for photographers looking to build their clientele, and they could use a little pocket change. Can you make a full-time income from Mendr? That remains to be seen, but unlikely. However, it's a stream of income to pay for small shoots, camera rentals for your own projects, or just save up for some vacation money.

To become a Mendr editor, you'll have to take a test. That's available at this Mendr Editor link.

Do you think Mendr can be a viable option for the general population? It could provide a good flow of cash for editors capitalizing on the need to be instafamous, blogs, Youtube videos, and more. Once you have an image that looks better than anything you've had int he past, Mendr can become an addiction. 

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