I'm currently typing on my 2011 Macbook Pro, which I love but recognize that she's getting tired. We've been waiting for a reasonable update and something that would make life easier. That's always been what I've thought about Apple, a company that works at streamlining your life by listening to its core customer base. Like any relationship that nears hard times, I'm noticing a trend with Apple loyalists. In the past year we've been frustrated at their lack of innovation but also felt trapped, because no other brand came close to Apple. With the new Macbook Pro, we feel frustrated but also several of us have a wandering eye. In a personal relationship, this is should sound all alarms. With Apple we feel connected on the personal and professional levels. For years they were the only choice. So what's the problem and how can they fix it? 

Lets start with the newly announced MacBook Pro on October 27th

On the 25th anniversary of the Macbook Laptops, Apple introduced their latest update for the Macbook Pro. They included a TOUCH BAR which is a secondary and smaller display right above the keyboard. This is a beautiful upgrade which will serve the purpose of being efficient with various programs. It is 60 Pixels high and 2,170 across. It is for quick access to virtual controls and comes with a TouchID Sensor for logging and authenticating the slow-to-catch-on Apple Pay (I'm convinced this is why they really killed the headphone jack on the iPhone).

It also boasts a 23% smaller body that's about half a pound lighter than the previous model. Those carrying the machine in your backpack or gear bag can appreciate any help in that department. The 13 inch weights 3 LBS and the 15 inch model weighs 4 LBS and is 20% smaller. 

The downside is that Apple waived goodbye to the USB ports, a terrible decision for the community of photographers and videographers. They welcomed the Thunderbolt 3. Lets focus more on Apple's inability to listen to their customer base and their keen sense of alienating long time customers.

Dear Apple, replacing the SD Card slot means you took away one of the best features on a MacBook Pro. As photographers we love that the card reader was included. Like everything else with Apple, it was innate and something we did not have to think about. The point was to stay streamlined work WITH the community of creatives who built your name (Still not forgiven for Final Cut Pro X debacle either). Having it included meant we had one less item to carry and needlessly purchase.

Killing off the USB port entirely means we will also purchase additional adaptors for the hard drives accumulated over the years. MASHABLE says that if you're upset about the dongles needed to operate the new iPhone 7 you have more bad news coming. They estimate that in order to get everything you need, you will likely spend an additional $200 for all the right adaptors. That's in addition to the headache of making sure you have all the adaptors, or you're out of commission.  Many of us want the the 15" because editing on the 13 is difficult. Factor in $2,799 for the machine, $349 for Apple Care, and now additionally $200 for all the adaptors. Is there a middle finger Emoji on this 2011 Macbook I can use?

For example:
Want to hook up your iPhone 7 to your new Macbook Pro? $19 Dongle needed
Photographers do you want to continue using your SD cards? $49.95 for a Dongle
Want to hookup a monitor to your new laptop? $39.95 Dongle there
Want to connect Thunderbolt 2 devices to your Macbook? Buy a $49 Dongle for that

Apple, you are a Dongle! You should include free dongles to anyone willing to overpay for your laptop. Yes it's a great device and you're still a wonderful company but I like how Business Insider put it..."People are saying that Microsoft is now more innovative than Apple". Do you agree?