The job of a photographer is to show beauty in something others cannot see. In this case, that would be the life of the most powerful man on the planet. Peter Souza was a fly-on-the-wall for one of America's greatest eras and we look forward to more images releasing from his awesome collection of over 2 million images. 

As President Obama’s final term winds down, official White House photographer Pete Souza has released a curated selection of the nearly two million photos that he’s taken of POTUS over the years.

The pictures are a beautiful microcosm of the President as a man and as the leader of the free world, from candid and mundane moments to deeply emotional images that give us a glimpse into the President as a husband and a father, stripping away the mystique of office and showing what a genuine and compassionate man he is at his core.

We will miss him deeply when he returns to private life, and we cannot repay him for guiding our nation out of troubled waters.