We asked our incredible community on Instagram which camera they prefer and why? The WHY is the most important part because much thought goes into an expensive purchase that will play a key role with in art. Our community stepped up to the plate and gave us their reasons from money to romance! If you're looking to buy a camera and cannot decide between a Nikon or Canon, look no further! You have the reasons why every professional and hobbyist photographer bought their particular brand of camera. 

For the OTHER group, they voted for Sony first and Pentax second. Fuji got one vote. Even thought this was about Nikon vs Sony, we can't ignore the amount of votes other camera brands got. Maybe the two giants should look at this and up their game?



  • antonvasbinder Canon at the moment because i learned photography with it. But still not sure to stay with canon or switch to nikon.

    _xx.nina.xx_ Canon, because of a bad experience with a Nikon camera. She stopped working after a year without any reason

    pingthepenguin Canon, quality and price

    whoisbstyle #canon to me tends to have a faster DSLR and the the video quality is better

    erick_2117 I picked Canon because at the time I was using a 35 mm canon slr that was lent to me so I decided to make the jump to a full on DSLR and am proud of the results

    xblakoutx Nikon because when I started It was the cheapest one I can find (d50) and I started buying lenses for it before I got a newer body.

    pranay_pixlr  #canon bcoz its user friendly and can be understood at very less period of tym (note: its just my suggestion; not for any offence)

    mmag80 Nikon. It came recommended by a friend. I love the feel/grip, style, and user-friendly interface.

    xilyem I'm a #Canon user, and I feel like I have no right to say if I've never used a Nikon. However, it's not about the gear, it's how you use the gear.

    deadlineartcollective Ahhh. Well it all started with my fathers #pentax back in the 70s. My first professional camera was an #olympusom-2 that I really loved but that did not stand the stress of daily use. I sort of floated along into a #nikonF2 and was hooked until a thief stole all my kit in 1996. At that time my wife (who is a photographer as well) stated that Nikons were too big for her hands and we should use the insurance money for a #hasselblad and a #canon. Now we only use the #canon5Dmarkiii. Serendipity I guess you might call it. Just accidents and style.

    r.s.moghadam Aha. For me, it was nice low light performance and great video quality and of course better walk around lenses

    be_your_own_photographer Well,I don't got the camera yet..I am buying it next month but it's definitely Canon with which I will start...

    bokehbar_fotografie I started photography because of the man I was in love with. He had Canon equipment and I got some old stuff of him to began with my photographic journey with him as my teacher. A short time later we broke, he was gone but my love to photography did go on with my own Canon ... so I definitly can say it was a decision of heart but today after tests with other Cams I say that Canon feels better in my small hands ... 

    akio_angus_astrud Been using Nikon D7000 for 5 years now. So, yes, My vote is for Nikon.

    whoisbstyle yes, the Sony alpha a7 is a nice camera @howtophotograph

    rrishabhchouhan Canon

    i_p_x_k The Canon AE-1 was my first real camera back in 1979! My other Canon is a G-12. My first Nikon was a Coolpix and my first DSLR was a Nikon D5300. I bought the D5300 as it was the best for the money for me at the time. After buying a few lenses, it didn't make sense to buy a Canon. I now shoot mainly with my D750. Myself, from Canon to Nikon... So Nikon

    koolmarkie Canon. Familiar with it. Plus all my lenses are canon so it's cheaper

    mashiie92 For myself I choose nikon...

    aanorthamphoto I was gifted an SLR Canon one year for my birthday, so later when I bought a DSLR, I felt I already knew what to expect with Canon. The controls were easier for me to understand. But I have been told that Nikon's full frame cameras are a bit sharper than Canon, so I may use both brands in the future.

    deadlineartcollective The Nikon and Hasselblad lenses were stolen too, so it was a clean slate. Sad to think of it. Those beautiful old Nikon lenses ...

    julieelizabethphotography For me, it's NIKON! I don't have anything bad to say about Canon, I've just never owned one. But NIKON has been my sidekick for over 25 years of shooting. From film photography and on into the transition of digital. If you get the true NIKON lenses, you're getting some of the best lens glass out there. The clarity is awesome! Not trying to be difficult but are we allowed To select outside the two? The Sony Alpha mirrorless series has done an exceeding amount of damage to the industry with new technology. It's low light capabilities can see things I can't with my own eye. That's been great for street shooting late night and concert work as well. I can't deny I love Canon as well. My father was a Canon man so it rubbed off in my first purchase but I'm slowly transitioning out and finding a new home with Sony.

    mrcasanova420 Always nikon

    bwlphotography Canon all the way. Why? It's simply more common as of late,most of the cameras last longer(my 1D is 13 years old and still runs beautifully) they are easier to use. Only downsides is that the used lens market prices are generally higher than their Nikon counterparts. Plus, If I wanted to, I can adapt a Nikon lens over to a canon body, can't say the opposite for Nikon. Nikon dominated the film era alongside Pentax, but it seems like both of them have taken a back seat to canon. Look around at your next sporting event, it's a sea of white lenses. For a reason.

    ruje_alyy Doesnt matter.. But fir fashion n landsacpe canon for sure.. And for better versatility on lens ocrse nikon..

    bwlphotography Plus, as of late, canon has dominated the market in terms of glass for cash. I mean, a 50mm 1.8 for $100 is nice. Sure you lose sharpness, but it's only a $200 jump to the 1.4. Nikons 1.8 starts at $200. The only downside is the use of manual lenses on the EF mount and the lack of AF confirmations. That's my only complaint!

    olive__110 I'd say nikon but then I've never owned a Canon. I've had my nikon for the past few years and someone else owned it before and it's still In amazing condition and takes clear photos. I don't think I would change to Canon either since I like the layout of my camera and know how it works.

    bramwiratma_ Nikon for take a picture, Canon for take a video

    be_your_own_photographer Actually,I still don't know lot of this photography world...I have a lot to learn I followed per Canon for my first choice....I took advice from some photographers who suggested me Canon mostly...but after trying out Canon,I will go for nikon too....I want try them all...and if possible sony too

  • be_your_own_photographer Does Canon 700d good? for someone like who is starting fully new...because I don't know lot of things about camera@howtophotograph

    deepu_grg6 I love both Canon & Nikon, but I happened to start with Canon because Canon has lots of lens variety to choose from. However you can mount any lens on any camera with the help of adapter these days.

    siimkinnas Started out with Nikon because out of two similarly spec'd cameras it fit into the hand better than the Canon. But I'll shoot with anything you put into my hands :)

    stellar2211 Canon because my boyfriend at the time bought it for me for Christmas knowing I couldn't afford it due to medical issues I was paying for instead. One of the sweetest presents.

    agw11_media Nikon cause it was the first camera that was gifted to me by my wife@dianeram and since the first shot I just fell in love and I just find it so much easier to shoot with..... I have had no complaints with it and I'm looking to move into shooting with canon but I will always love Nikon and their products....@howtophotograph

    forever_ruler Canon: because I borrowed a Canon and liked it. So I got myself one. Basically.

    saman_mechanic Sony Alpha 7

    the_lumiere.guy Canon's apsc cameras really suck at dynamic range...and high iso..Nikon is better at those things.. But doesn't have exposure simulation.. So that sucks...Hence..imo..I'd say Sony Mirrorless.. ^_^

    rider_photographer I love Nikon is best high resolution capturing for wedding WOW!!!

    ericmeli Pentax

    w.ah96 nikon

    rainbowunicorn443299 Fujifilm

    jumppi Nikon, cheaper!!!

    jet_x_robin Canon

    capescapes Sony Alpha

    _thomasmorelli_ Nikon, love

    mgnsia nikon only

    averagescottishguy canon because my dad gave me a canon

    paulphotos1098 Canon the settings much better easy to understand and also to maintain canon also has a great service and also good in low light shooting

    danilodiasframes The best camera is that one that is on hand to get the frame.

    my_lens_photography Sony!  But i would use anything that lets me capture photos

    glassavenue Nikon right now. But only because it's what I started with. Ideally I'd like a competent mirrorless system. I'm not sure what that is at the moment.

    ramanbhandari Sony. Mirrorless 🏾

    willycds Although i have canon . I like sony mirrorless they are going far beyond and innovative where canon and nikon are lagging

    ruggedpixels Nikon, I'm not buying into the mirrorless hype yet. I absolutely love my D750, I loved my D90 and my N75. I've been Nikon for life.

    kaymodelurdes Nikon

    manucolina Canon, versatility

    ed_shots_ Love both of mines

    siouxcee Pentax was my first but then Nikon as it was so user friendly. Now use Canon as well but the Sony mirrorless comments have spurred my interest

    juliolizarazo79 Sony

    patvachon If I recall I bought my first camera based on price...I believe it was an F60 from Nikon....still shoot because wjen i made the switch to digital already had nikon mount lenses....first digital was a Sony P&S. Was a kick ass little camera.

    immo_p Now Fujifilm...switched from a Canon, which was good but rather big, so it stayed at home mostly...they all take great pics, just need to know them.

    e.f.otog #pentaxiansunite !

    rrrrrreese Canon cause that's what I learned on and I like the cameras more

    stilscream I almost bought a Pentax, but reviews all said Canon or Nikon. Nikon glass had too many confusing initials. Canon also had a camera with the highest dos in a 7D. I found a bait and switch site that made it in my price range. Just barely before I ordered it, I learned about bait/switch sites. I was depressed after months of obsessive research I had my heart set on a very pricey camera. My wife bought it for me as an engagement present. :)

    wbyanna canon bc there was a super great deal on amazon

    lorielmphotography Nikon. The controls seem more user friendly than canon.

    tomzhinsky Fuji  Mirrorless is the future I shoot both. A Nikon d810 and a canon 5d mark 3. Sometimes I want a softer look and feel and canon does that so well. And when I need that lowlight action and vivid and sharp colors I'm on my 810. There are also more(technical) reasons as to why I shoot both

    taylor_magda_92 Nikon because it's system is sharper and has better dynamic range.

    discodogo So I bought my first camera in December of this year. Till now I have always used my iPhone and a small canon sd point and shoot. I went Nikon after posting on Facebook to all my camera pro friends. The main reason I chose Nikon is that the d750 had so much more up to date technology than the 5Dm3. Also I liked how bullet proof the nikons are with weather sealing. I went to Sammy's camera and tried both the 5d and the d750. I liked the feel and the controls of the Nikon so that's what I went with. In the end I love my camera. Since I have started a collection of Nikon lenses I probably will continue to stay with Nikon.

    fahim.001 Canon.. Cause I'm 16 and I can't afford a camera and my mom gifted me a Canon...

    ahmadfarazg have Nikkon ...and i love it ...Nikkon has sharper images than canon

    profotoq8 NIKON any day!

    markgram32 Pentax cause it's better

    imagesjsquared Nikon - didn't want to be like everyone else and get canon. Plus the Nikon fit better in my hand

    michellie_leroux Nikon....

    visual.akn Nikon because they're entry level cameras makes you a better photographer. Currently have my D3200 and it's also my FIRST DSLR. Hopefully I get an upgrade soon