Camera gifts for photographers

Camera gifts for photographers

Photographers are the most under-appreciated group of professionals (my biased opinion) but we provide you all your best images for social media, business, your wedding, vanity shoots, etc...Your photographer friends generously take pictures of you and everyone else everywhere but never get any pictures of themselves. For that reason alone, they deserve a nice little gift!

I would say that 7/10 (not official survey) would appreciate this cup. 3 of 10 would give it as a white elephant gift for the following year. But here's why I picked this special little mug, its potential of sparking new conversation is incredible. If you walk around with this cup, you're sure to get a couple people asking if you're a photographer. If you're elevator speech is on point, you might just have a positive interaction.

For that reason, I reluctantly selected this mug as a decent gift for a photographer. In addition, there are two things we photographers love: Coffee & Lenses and you can imagine why this cup is so popular.

To anyone that I know thinking of getting this as a gift for me, please don't.

Here's my take on the grey card. Most photographers probably won't buy, but most probably will use one if it magically appears underneath their Christmas tree. Grey cards help the shooter get a consistent exposure and color. I like that it's small and fits into any corner of their bag. And for under $8, it's a nice buy.

This is great strap. Personally I don't use one, but I don't judge those that do! I would consider purchasing this strap for the event photographer that needs to have a quick release and get ready to shoot.

For the wedding photographer, live event photographer this is a nice addition. If you're wondering what type of a photographer would enjoy this... probably a lesser version of this guy would LOVE this. It's for the guy/girl that likes a little performance when they shoot. 

If someone buys this for me, I won't be mad! It's a simple and stylish camera strap, comfortable for the photographer and always a nice replacement from the provided camera strap.

At under $10 it's a very nice unexpected gift for the photographer that has everything and nothing, if they're just starting out. I would also recommend this nice gift for photographers that want to make their subjects the star of the shoot. Shady, I know. 

Look if someone bought this for me, I'd use it. If you see how I clean my lens, you'd probably throw something at me. I use a T shirt, my jeans, etc... I could buy this package but I don't because I'm lazy.

I think that I speak for many photographers when I say that. If you buy me one, I'd just it. It'll make a nice unexpected gift for any photographer with any camera. Even if they have one, a backup pack is good to have. 

Let me just come out with this. You can never, ever go wrong with buying a photographer more SD cards. We need it, we love it and it'll be used.

However, here's my advice on SD cards. Buy smaller amounts instead of a large 64GB card. I'd rather have two 32GB cards vs. one 64GB.  Cards malfunction and cards slip into the smallest crevices. I once lost a card between the seats of my car, only to recover it months later. If had all my images on one large card, it's game over. For that reason buy two smaller ones instead of a large one. 

Can't tell you how many times I've thought, "I wish that I hired an assistant today!" - but sometimes budgets don't allow it, or I can't find someone willing to work hard and listen.

But do you know what listens and never complains? This reflector stand! Trust me, it'll be used and they'll be happy it was in their bag. Get one! They'll use it.

What an awesome entry level 50MM lens and it's F 1.8 - which makes it such a great tool for low light and the beautiful portrait. For the wedding photographers, this is a nice lens for the macro shots of the ring, flowers, and more. Is the Yongnuo lens better than Canon or Nikon? Nope but it's a great lens and I wouldn't recommend it if it lacked. With over 500 Amazon reviews, and over 80% rate this above 4 stars. For that new photographer, I'd get this. Heck, I might even get one myself as a nice back up for my kit. By the way, I know it's over $25 but look...I stand by this little gift.

A wireless remote is a nice tool to have. It's for the photographer that likes to take pictures of nature and animals. They can use the wireless remote walk away from the camera and let the wild life come closer. They can also use this to sit in the group pictures without running back and forth with the timer button. $8 and it's cool little gift! 

This is another no brainer. Every single photographer needs a nice set of reflectors and they'll thank you for this gift. At under $22 your wallet will appreciate it also. I'd buy this for the fashion photographer, portrait, wedding, nature, and generally ALL beginner photographers. I use this. I love this. Get it!

To prove my point, I've posted an entire fashion shoot that I shot - all with this reflector.

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