Canon 90D Expected Specs

Canon 90D Expected Specs

The expected specs of of the Canon 90D has the camera world talking. Photographer (Reza Moghadam) who accurately predicted the specs of the Canon 5D IV now gives us insight to the new upcoming release (Canon 90D).


As an unwritten culture, when a popular tech gear ages, experts start to guess the specifications of the next model based on market demand, company analyses, rumors of even dramatic expectations.

In the DSLR world, some camera families are hotter such as canon 5D series, 7D series, Nikon D7xxx series ,etc. these days the hottest expected camera is the replacement of legendary canon EOS 80D which is the benchmark for perfect video autofocus in body of an excellent still photo body. In the world of 4K trend of video DSLR megatrend, people expected the 80D be a 4k shooter but it was only a good 1080 fan so some experts predicted that it won’t sell!

But with its high quality images, good specifications and near perfect autofocus in both still and video, the camera became the apple of our eyes and was a huge success for canon. But maybe it’s time to have a replacement for this beloved DSLR to keep the market share. About half a year before announcement of EOS 5D mark IV, I had a similar article about it which had my predictions based on analyzing market demand, technologies and recent behaviors of Canon Company.

I am proud to say that article about 5D4 was amazingly accurate and I hope this one comes with the same accuracy about EOS 90D. Please note that this article is 100% original and based on market, technology, and company behavior analyze  and nothing here is rumor or dramatic guessing.


At first, let’s see what rivals this camera has:

Nikon D7500: a solid, well build mid range APS-C with nice dynamic range but outdated  still image auto focus system with only 19 cross-type points (out of 51) , a non trustable video autofocus system, 4k video resolution but a downgraded still image resolution from 24 MP in D7200 to 20 MP in D7500.

Sony a6500: Excellent quality and features for videographers in an APS-C mirrorless Camera. The lack of good video autofocus and small range of affordable solid lenses were the reasons that decreased its sale rate.

Now let’s talk about EOS 90D

Resolution: between 24 to 26 Megapixels. 24 megapixels are good for the APS-C sensor but I think canon will upgrade it to somewhere near 26 megapixels neighborhood to keep the camera to be known as a very good choice for photographers even those who need good details for professional jobs and large format prints. If canon does that, the 90D will be the ultimate choice for all photographers who need a good DSLR in this segment. The good news is that canon has a wide range of affordable zoom and prime lenses which can handle this resolution such as ef-s 15-85 and all ef 50mm lenses.

Video: A 4k 50/60 fps video resolution with low crop. About the 4k we are pretty sure that even with stupid decision of putting a FHD limitation on 6Dm2, canon is wise enough not to kill the 90D with the same mistake, so having a real 4k video is expected. But about video features we have a challenge to predict them. From one aspect, canon has to do its best to keep its video above sexy mirrorlesses and of course D7500. Both those rivals offer 25/30 fps 4k but if canon wants to have the same success as 80D had, its needs to have something in resolution that others do not have. But canon is a stingy brand which keeps its high spec as it always sells well because of its lenses, solidness and final professional images so maybe we see only a 25/30 fps video. Of course they really need to have a slow-motion mode for 720p in 120fps to gain interest of all new costumers. About crop and rolling shatter phenomenon, I hope they upgrade them specially that it was a big shame about the sweet 5D4! I do not think 90D to come with any log because canon does not want to lose the market of 6D2.


Still image autofocus: 45 to 54 all cross-type autofocus points. I think canon can give the autofocus of 7Dm2 to 90D if they want to announce new 7D in near future. On paper, d7500 has 51 points but as you may know, the cross-type points really matter so 80D 45 all cross-type points seem to be better than Nikon D7500 with only 19 cross-type ones. So if I see the same 45 points still image autofocus system in 90D I won’t be surprised or disappointed. I just hope they bring the exciting Dual Focus system to 90D but I think they keep it for the 7Dm3.

Video Autofocus: Same dual pixel as 80D. When 80D hit the market. We saw the pure perfection of video autofocus in action so canon really does not need to change or improve it as this system is still kind of the leader in the whole industry.

Still image frame rate: 7 to 9 fps with better buffer. 7fps on 80D was good enough in this segment but it canon can upgrade it to 9 frames per second to keep it up with D7500 and become closer to 11fps continuous drive of Sony a6500. I don’t think they enter the 10fps area which belongs to the almighty 7Dm2. With better processor and ability of modern memory cards, the buffer can be improved too.

Screen and viewfinder: The screen of 80D was perfect and it’s even better than the one on D7500 and I do not expect it to have a major change so I think it will be the same fully articulated 3” TFT LCD with 1,040,000 and good touch responsibility.  The viewfinder is also expected to be the same Pentaprism optical with 100% coverage.

Wireless connections and battery: It is expected for 90D to have better Wi-Fi connection which gives us a live and clear stream to Smartphone when recording video. Battery of 80D was great so on 90D I expect to see the same LP-E6N with about 960 shots life per charge (CIPA) and even more.  

ISO: 100 to 51200 (extended to 102400): Eos 80D had maximum ISO of 25600 but 90D is expected to have an upgrade in this field.

Other photography features seems to be same or close to 80D like Max shutter speed, sync and etc.

I will be happy to see a USB3 port near a mini HDMI 2.0 in the body.

Internal 4k timelapse and good HDR mode are expected too.

SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-I support) storage type is essential but we are not worried about it because we had the same on 80D.

A note to beloved canon:

Dear canon,

Please do not be as stingy as how you were about 6Dm2 which is a great camera but has bad dynamic range and no 4K!

Please give us more Nano USM lenses specially EF ones.

Please give us a great lens like 15-85mm with Nano USM motor.

Thank you.

Mr. Reza

From the toddler ages I became familiar with professional imaging gears as my father is a filmmaker. When I started photography I discovered my passion and love in field of photography cameras and lenses analysis and now after about 13 years I have more than 100 articles and helped more than 1000 people/enterprises choosing the best gear for their studios, jobs or hobbies. I am working on a huge project now that I hope it changes the world of Digital camera marketing. Please follow Reza's work on Instagram.

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