Mistakes Every Photographer Must Avoid (From a Leading Makeup Artist)

Mistakes Every Photographer Must Avoid (From a Leading Makeup Artist)

Who is Cassie Lyons?

Cassie Lyons is a well-respected makeup artist (and hairstylist) that has worked on music videos for Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Leon Bridges and movies for Brad Pitt and more. Her work graces the pages of magazines and many new talents too. Cassie and I came up together, we started on our ModelMayhem days and did test shoot after test shot. 

For this interview, I surprised her on the way to an event for Wilhelmina Models. We stopped to get a pre-drink and just chat but I wanted her perspective on photographers. I wanted her notes on what a photographer can do/say to a makeup artist will produce a more quality photo shoot?

Surprise Interviewing My Friends?!

Yes! When I started photography, I did not know anything about the camera or the industry. How to photograph a model? How to photograph a commercial brand? How to photograph anything? What I needed were employed people in the business who could give me a few pointers. When I started this HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH project, I wanted to give my followers that ability to hear it directly from the mouth of industry leaders.  I wanted the answers raw, unedited and human. Human? Yes, human. I did not want scripted and robotic. I want a real reaction because part of the question is "How do they act? Do they act just like me?" and I wanted you to see everything.

My friends are generous with their experience and knowledge. This is an on-going process and Cassie is just one of many people that I interviewed. Click here to see the others (Magazine editors, PR, celebrity makeup artist for a massive TV show, Recording artist, and more). My motto is, my friends are your friends. So lets talk, lets hang out and learn! 

What Advice Does a Hollywood Makeup Artist Have For Photographers?

Watch the video to see everything Cassie says. She goes into great detail in the 8-minute clip, but here is a preview:

  • The mistake a lot of photographers make is that they do not include the makeup artist in the discussion of how they're doing their lighting. You must be proactive and tell them!
  • For smaller shoots, she suggests pinning down the vocabulary so they know what is needed. Either pin down the vocabulary or show a photo reference. Use words that a makeup artist is familiar with.
  • It would be of the highest good to ask the makeup artist's notes when it is time for retouching! 
  • and many, bonus tips... watch the video!

Want to Learn More Photography?

I have 3 major resources to help you and they are free! Check out the links below and do yourself a favor, invest in yourself and follow at the least one of them. Doing all 3 is ideal!

  1. PRIVATE PHOTOGRAPHY FACEBOOK GROUP: This group is essential and I cannot recommend it enough! It's my newest leg of this project and I love it! I spend much of my time there, give a lot of input and I join the community of photographers who are also members. We are courteous, helpful, and eager to chat about anything camera or photography. Also on Thursdays, we do portfolio reviews for each other! I join in on a lot of those. Join us! Click here to join the private facebook group. 
  2. PHOTOGRAPHY INSTAGRAM: This is how it all started, with awesome daily photography tips. They are lighting tips, photo tips, camera buying advice, business tips, and so much more! We have the IG feed, stories and now IGTV. Follow that also! 
  3. PHOTOGRAPHY NEWSLETTER: This is important for many reasons but I'll post just 3 of them. I hire from here. Often times I'll post something in the newsletter and see if anyone is available for hire. Sometimes my friends are looking to hire and I refer from the list. The second reason is that I also let people shadow me on set. Have you ever been on a professional set or shoot? This can be your chance! What other photographer allows you to shadow them?! And finally, lots & lots of freebies and discounts.
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