Not Charging for Your Art? You're Cheating Yourself.

Not Charging for Your Art? You're Cheating Yourself.


We’ve been bamboozled! I think photographers have this warped sense of thinking that earning money for your work does makes you less of an artist. It's just makes you an artist who likes to pay their bills. Don't overcomplicate it. Somewhere along the way, we were taught that you're not really an artist if you make money from it.

If you're not suffering, you're actually a sellout. If you want to be taken seriously about your work, you should be suffering, that you should be lonely, that you should be going through depression. That's what makes a true artist and that couldn't be any more false anymore bogus as anything I've ever heard.


Because we love what we do, we are somehow taught that you should not be making money from it. That getting paid for work are for people who hate their jobs.

Imagine that you only get paid if you hate your jobs. I know some doctors who hate their jobs, but I also know some doctors who love their jobs and that they can bring people good health and bring them back to a healthy state.


So those doctors shouldn't be getting paid because that fulfillment should be payment enough? That fulfillment should pay their mortgage, their car payments put food on their table. Right? No, obviously not.

I know teachers who love their jobs and you know what? You're not really a true educator If you are getting a paycheck, what crooks! They are right. What thieves they are for loving their job and also getting a paycheck and retirement and health insurance and time off.

What about people who work at a Starbucks or at a local diner and they see the same faces on the same days at the same time, and they're friends with them and they smile and they small talk and they look forward to watching these customers grow and their families grow and they love their job.

They love serving the community, and they love serving their customers. Should they be getting paid and should they be getting tips? Why are they different than you or me?


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Why do they deserve compensation and you and I don't. Let's think about that and how stupid that sounds. Why are we less of an artist? Why is your painting or your photograph or the hair that you did on someone, less valuable, less worthy?

I’ll bet that you are an artist who likes what you do and likes to pay your bills. That's not a crime, by the way, wanting to put food on your table, wanting to pay your bills, wanting to keep the lights on, wanting to have finances to keep going

I've been making money photographing celebrities for record covers, magazines, their clothing labels and for TV shows. I'm not any less of an artist than the next photographer who's not monetizing, yet. I just found a way to make money with what I love.

And I know that there are quotes saying, Oh, if you love your job, you're not working a day in your life. Well that's bullshit. You are working. You just happen to love the work that you do. And I happen to not make work a “bad word”. Work is not a detriment. Work is not my downfall. Work is something I love to do and that's why I'm good at it.

And that's why people want to come to me and pay me for what I love to do. And you should not be any different than me. So whether you want to photograph celebrities or your local soon to be mom, you should be paid. If you want to photograph your local wedding, you want to help your local business owner, you should be getting paid. Stop the monetization-guilt! You are owed compensation and feeling guilty about monetizing your passion is not a crime.


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