Photographers, Go out of Business to Stay in Business

Photographers, Go out of Business to Stay in Business

Easy Steps to Creating a Powerful & Profitable Photography Business

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In this blog post you will learn 7 very easy steps to making your photography or creative business powerful and profitable. This makes you highly profitable and effective year after year. The concept is simple!

Get into the habit of looking at our business from the outside in. To be effective, to be strategic you have to do this and make it a normal habit. Don't let it stress you out, every single business should do this or whether they are a restaurant, a consulting firm, or a photography or creative business.

And this blog post I'm going to teach you how to do this, and how to step outside of yourself to create the perfect situation for brainstorming.

How Can Your Business Become Competition Proof?

Okay how does your business become competition proof? It seems that there's always somebody popping up with a similar type of service, potentially lesser price, and that you're getting drowned out. This blog post will show you how to stand out, how to get ahead of your competition, and how to continuously evolve and reinvent your business. That is how you will make money year after year, having a very profitable photography or creative business.

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The 7 Steps to Becoming the Best Photography Business

  1. Let's play a game of pretend. Pretend there is another business in your city, and they also offer photography which is very similar to your style. Now that's also pretend they offer the same prices and are highly competitive with you.

  2. Now, pick a name. Any name will do. That is the name of the business owner who wants to beat you. They are not a team player, and they believe in out doing the competition and making sure they come in first. For a moment you will pretend to be this person, and use the name you came up with.

  3. Step outside of yourself and become this other person the one who has a competing business and once you to go out of business.

  4. Get into the mind of the other business owner. Set a timer for five minutes and jot down everything that is wrong with your current business. Look at your current business from the perspective of an outside competitor, they are trying to find everything that is wrong with your business so they could make a better product. Spend 5 minutes and write down everything that could be a potential problem with your business, from the point of view of somebody wanting to put you out of business.

  5. After you've done that exercise for five minutes, set up another timer for 15 minutes. Then for every problem that you wrote down, find a couple of solutions for each of them. Again, you are looking at your business from the point of view of a competing business. They want you to go out of business, and they have now identified what is a potential problem with your current business. They made a list about these problems. They are going to come up with solutions so they don't have the same problems as you. Spend 15 minutes and come up with solutions for the problems you just listed in the previous exercise.

  6. Now take all of the notes you gathered during the previous exercise, and apply them to your own business…the real business you have right now. Remember that we are pretending you were the competitor. Take the competitors notes and apply it to your real situation in front of you. It's quite simple.

  7. Set a timer on your phone and do this exercise every six months. By doing this exercise twice a year you are doing maintenance and every time he should fine only a couple of potential problem areas. This should only take about 30 minutes, but it is so helpful to see your organization from the point of view of a competitor.

Remember if you don't try to put yourself out of business, somebody will do it in real life. This is a good exercise for photographers, any creative artist, and really any type of business. Always do self-reflection, self-analysis and get good at it.

Do You Want More Business Training?

If you are a photographer looking to build your business, and you need a roadmap to help you find the fastest way to becoming profitable then I have the perfect mentorship course for you.

My course which is called, "how to photograph: passion to profit” is the ultimate roadmap to finding a successful photography business. It is for the photographer who have struggled for a few years and cannot find the profitability they seek, and for the new photographer hoping to move from Hobby to a profitable business.

I started a photography on my own without any money, and I bought my first camera on my last credit card. I've used to my experience of booking the largest celebrities on the planet, working for the biggest brands, and creative directing for many clients to help you build your business. If you're interested in finding out more, click here.

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