Instagram is Down. You NEED a Website Now! Here's 8 Reasons why.

Instagram is Down. You NEED a Website Now! Here's 8 Reasons why.

Photographers (and video!) you need a website and today’s instagram outage is a BIG reason why. Actually they’ve had an outage several times but I have 8 reasons why you need a website TODAY if you want to make money from photography.

Here’s a myth I want to shatter right now. YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE NOW. If you disagree with this, keep reading because this blog post is for you.


  1. Instagram takes your photo quality and then kicks it down 10 notches. Clients will not see the true detail and beauty of your work. A website will show that to them.

  2. Instagram is a for-profit platform. They benefit from people not seeing your images. You will purchase ads to make sure the images get in front of more eyes and instagram is rewarded by higher revenue each time they show your images to less people.

  3. Instagram is only a gateway for the client. If they really want to hire you for something credible and worthy, they want to see more work. To see true quality for commercial ads they’ll check to see if you have a website. You don’t? OK you don’t get the job.

  4. Websites are non-compete. What that means is there’s no competing hashtags to take viewers eyes away, there’s no competing ads on that platform or other photographers coming up right after they scroll past yours.

  5. Websites showcase your photos better, especially the landscape versions. Have you ever seen a photo in landscape mode on IG? Get ready to pinch the screen to enlarge and see better. As a photographer you have to see the downfall of this. On a website that landscape image gets the biggest real estate.

  6. Websites are useful because if you can get a client to go from Instagram/Facebook and to your website, you’ve already qualified them as a warm lead. They did the finger work and left one platform to another. That’s say a lot! Get them off the sales floor and into a private meeting (which is your website). There’s no more distractions or need to keep scrolling. They just showed you that they’re interested in you, now show them the BIG images. Show them the high res images and your beautiful galleries. Let them have an experience! GET PAID.

  7. Don’t build your home on someone else’s land. Someday IG won’t be the main place for photographers. Where will you start over at? If you have a website that will remain a constant and you’re good. Your work will always be there for showcasing.

  8. We love to hate instagram. Admit it, it’s annoying. We despise the algorithms and the greed. We hate that it’s addicting. And a big enough percentage of us would leap to another platform if they filled all the holes of instagram up. Remember that huge migration to Vevo? It was a flawed platform the sheer number of downloads should scare the hell out of you. People are ready to dump IG and go elsewhere. That’s to be expected but that’s bad for your business. Build a website and then no matter which platform is king, direct them from there to your work on your personal website.


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