Filters vs. Skill

At the risk of upsetting many enthusiasts, the truth should be said. Using filters in your photography isn’t 100% photography. Sure you’re a photographer once you take a picture, but often times post production is as much a part of the vision as production is. Yes, you’re a photographer if you rely on filters to get the coloring and lighting of your choice. You’re as much a photographer as a microwave oven is a gourmet chef. The role of this account and our page is to encourage growth and respect within the industry. We’ve all used filters here or there, they’re quick and get to the a microwave. But you want something that’ll hang on a wall, that’ll be discussed in length, that’ll be looked up to and valued? Make it from start to finish! Color on camera, color with lights and camera settings, color and enhance in PSD. Make it from scratch! Make your identity stand out, create your branding! Anyone can grab a set of popular filters, but will your work stand out and stand the test of time? Will it garner praise and a high price in the market? If you say yes, you’re probably looking at reality through a blurry filter also. For us, as creatives we must push the knowledge envelope. We must continuously learn, create, and share. As cameras drop in price and creatives outbid each other for a lower rate, something and someone must stand up to the momentum. Stand up for quality. If you’re happy at the enthusiast level, that’s perfectly OK! But the professionals need continued education, and cannot rely on an app to do the work for you. Because in no time, there’ll be an app to replace us entirely. #Word #Opinion #Howtophotograph #photography

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