Mya for  Contrast | Photo by Walid Azami

When I received the call to photograph superstar Mya for Contrast Magazine, I was excited because I had the opportunity to photograph a huge star in a different way. Already a master on stage and in front of the camera, the challenge was to create a new Mya for Contrast Magazine and continue her evolution as an artist. As with any shoot, last minute challenges come into play and we had to adapt. In this case, Mya emailed and let us know that she now has blonde locks for her headlining show at LA's Microsoft Novo Center. 

Solution: Instead of hiding her hair so it can fit the creative, lets make her hair the center of the shoot. Lets give it life and movement! Lets let all her fans know this is her new style and flaunt it.

Lighting Challenge: There is an ongoing trend amongst music photographers who shoot R&B artists. They use a blowout light, decrease the odds of any shadows, and mute colors. Naturally, I wanted the opposite. We used two heads, 2 gels, and a V Flat Bounce. You can see that in the video below. The key light had a purple gel to illuminate Mya's face and the back wall. The second light was placed behind her and off to the right. It gave her a nice backlight and a reddish flare for the camera. Check out the video to see what we mean. 

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II 

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VIDEO/BEHIND THE SCENES BY @Devreezy (based in Southern California, available for hire directly via IG)