30 Portfolio Review and Branding Advice

30 Portfolio Review and Branding Advice


30 minute session with Walid via phone or video (your choice) to discuss your branding and photography. Clients may ask any question pertaining to their creative brand, career advice, and photographic tips which may include portfolio building, shooting tips, and business consultation. 

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A session with Walid is intended to discuss your photography portfolio. To maximize this time, please send your notes/questions 48 hours ahead of time for Walid to review and give you a full experience. Please do not send downloadable links. All photographs must be on your website or another public/password protected forum. 

By agreeing to hire Walid's consultation, you agree that Walid is not guaranteeing you professional or artistic success. However, he is giving you professional advice based on his own career and industry trends. 

You may take notes on your session, but rebroadcast is not allowed anywhere. The information shared is intended for the paying party, not for public consumption, and is intellectual property.

Please take a moment to fill out the form, and give as much information as possible. The more you share, the more we can assist you on your goals.