I purchased my first digital camera at Fullerton Cameras. I walked in without knowledge and walked out with a Canon 40D. The guys there walked me through the process and I've gone back to interview them. How do you buy the perfect used digital camera? This is your complete guide to buying that used digital camera. (READ MORE)

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I started my "How to Photograph" project because after about 8 years of photography it was time to teach others about the business of photography, photo shoots, lighting, and client management. I began my career with zero knowledge of using a camera or booking a client. I taught myself one new thing each day and 7 days a week I was on Youtube or at a local bookstore learning studio lighting, retouching, etc... I made countless business mistakes, really embarrassing ones but each was a lesson! In there were also great decisions and I photographed or directed clients like Usher, Kanye, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, HP, VW, Target, Courtney Love, etc... I plan on teach you all of that, my mistakes (lessons) and my accomplishments. 

Therefore I started this photography project, to share my experiences with others. My hopes are that you also find a path to success and want to continue learning about photography.

Thank you,