Create an Income with Photography 

Walid’s energy & passion set me free and I let go of any fears I was holding on to.  He’s taken some of my favorite photographs because I felt like I was shooting with a friend and  he could bring out the best in me.
— Carmen Electra

When I started photography, i searched high and low for the book that had everything. I looked for books that tell me how to contact agencies, how to find models and what the PROTOCOL but I came up empty-handed.
For that reason, I decided to write the perfect photography books. In this two part series I hold your hand through the entire process of setting up a shoot, picking your crew, hiring a model, and managing a set.
Book 2 is the entire post process, and takes you all the way through to product delivery. There is no other book like this!



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Photographers wondering how to photograph brand new models, I am sharing 11 important steps for a successful photo shoot! James wants to start modeling and we filmed his first ever photo shoot. Watch me as I take you through all my steps and teach you my process! Click HERE

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WHY the "How to Photograph" Project?

I started my "How to Photograph" project because after about 8 years of photography it was time to teach others about the business of photography, photo shoots, lighting, and client management. I began my career with zero knowledge of using a camera or booking a client. I taught myself one new thing each day and 7 days a week I was on Youtube or at a local bookstore learning studio lighting, retouching, etc... I made countless business mistakes, really embarrassing ones but each was a lesson! In there were also great decisions and I photographed or directed clients like Usher, Kanye, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, HP, VW, Target, Courtney Love, etc... I plan to teach you all of that, my mistakes (lessons) and my accomplishments. 

That is why I started this photography project, to share my experiences with others and contribute to the world of photography.

My hopes are that you also find a path to success and want to continue learning about photography.