Take 4 minutes to watch the video above. This video shows exactly what this channel and page are about. I want my experience photographing top celebrities and ad campaigns to become your educational tools. This channel is about empowering other photographers, so we each can have access to success. Stay a minute, look around and get in touch! Follow on Youtube!

Go behind the scenes of my latest photo shoots and see we build a project from start to finish, as I explain the process of creation, show BTS photos and video.





Walid Azami photographing singer, LP

Walid Azami photographing singer, LP

I started my "How to Photograph" project because after about 8 years of photography it was time to teach others about the business of photography, photo shoots, lighting, and client management. I began my career with zero knowledge of using a camera or booking a client. I taught myself one new thing each day and 7 days a week I was on Youtube or at a local bookstore learning studio lighting, retouching, etc... I made countless business mistakes, really embarrassing ones but each was a lesson! In there were also great decisions and I photographed or directed clients like Usher, Kanye, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, HP, VW, Target, Courtney Love, etc... I plan on teach you all of that, my mistakes (lessons) and my accomplishments. 

Therefore I started this photography project, to share my experiences with others. My hopes are that you also find a path to success and want to continue learning about photography.

Thank you,