Take 4 minutes to watch the video above. This video shows exactly what this channel and page are about. I want my experience photographing top celebrities and ad campaigns to become your educational tools. This channel is about empowering other photographers, so we each can have access to success. Stay a minute, look around and get in touch! Follow on Youtube!

Go behind the scenes of my latest photo shoots and see we build a project from start to finish, as I explain the process of creation, show BTS photos and video.





Thanks for all you do for us! Up and coming photographers need to know stuff like this
— @Photoheadz_multimedia
 Walid Azami photographing singer, LP

Walid Azami photographing singer, LP

I started my "How to Photograph" project because after about 8 years of photography it was time to teach others about the business of photography, photo shoots, lighting, and client management. I began my career with zero knowledge of using a camera or booking a client. I taught myself one new thing each day and 7 days a week I was on Youtube or at a local bookstore learning studio lighting, retouching, etc... I made countless business mistakes, really embarrassing ones but each was a lesson! In there were also great decisions and I photographed or directed clients like Usher, Kanye, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, HP, VW, Target, Courtney Love, etc... I plan on teach you all of that, my mistakes (lessons) and my accomplishments. 

Therefore I started this photography project, to share my experiences with others. My hopes are that you also find a path to success and want to continue learning about photography.

Thank you,


Thank you so much for your inspiration Walid. You have taught me to work smarter and not harder... Your tutorials, advice and guides are indispensable...I’m still an amateur but I’m getting there. I thank you again tremendously.
— Roger S. Smith - (Via Instagram)