How to Book More Photography Clients with One Easy Trick!

How to Book More Photography Clients with One Easy Trick!


Booking clients is easy once you understand how you can be their solution. If a potential client made it from a search engine to your "About Me" page, they've somehow pre-qualified themselves as a client.

The same goes for clients who found you on Instagram and then made it to your website. Think of all the barriers to entry. Those platform moves mean a lot and should be recognized. By the time they reach your "About Me" page, they're invested in your work and need something that will push them over to inquiring about your services. Now they want to know WHO you are. Here's a method that will show them, not tell them.

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Clients don’t hire photographers based on their cameras or photography gear, and I’ve never been asked that question once in my career. I’ve never had a record label executive, celebrity or magazine ask me about my gear. They care more about other things than the actual gear. Keep reading…

Here are 5 Reasons why people hire photographers:

  • People hire for the photographer and never the gear. The gear you think they like can be rented or purchased by the client. What they cannot duplicate is you. Bombard them with you.

  • People hire for leaders. Can you lead a set, manage client expectations, stay on the creative path, direct an entire set and keep your cool? They love it when you can do that!

  • What else makes a client love you and hire you? If you can deliver on time, even early and under budget it’s their favorite thing! They love want to look like a hero, and they need you to help them look like a hero.

  • Your reputation matters and it matters more than you think. Recently I was on set and someone spoke ill of another peer not present in the room. Within seconds, 3 others in the room objected and said, "You know, I've worked with _________ and he's always been amazing." THAT is a stellar reputation and it defends the person even when they're not in the room! Reputations travel and for the less than professional ones, it travels at light speed!

  • They hire you because of the work. The work will always outlast any trends or Instagram hype. Create solid work, make it impactful and that will keep their attention.


Imagine someone finding you on social media and loving the work. They cross over from one platform to another by clicking the right links and now have left your social platform to get on your website. They see a few more photography galleries and then click on the ABOUT ME page.

They want to know who the photographer is with the beautiful photographs. Or let me rephrase that, who is the person who will enter their homes and places of business? Who will be present in front of all their guests and able to attend their most intimate events? A plain text ABOUT ME page won’t help anyone, including you.


Show them who you are with video. Let them see you move, talk, and express yourself. Let them hear you talk about what’s important to you, and why you’re the best person for the job. What an amazing way to introduce yourself to your client at any hour of the day! It’s doing the work for you at 2AM or 2Pm.

You can make the perfect video for your ABOUT ME page by covering the 5 W’s to make sure everything is covered.

What are the 5 W’s?

WHO: Who are you? Who do you serve? Who should hire you?

WHAT: What is your style? What can you do for them?

WHEN: When should they hire you? When are you in town? When can they call you?

WHERE: Where are you based and where will you travel to? Where can we see your work?

WHY: Why should they hire you? Why are you the best choice for them?

See the video and find out how you can make this client pleasure video!


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