How to Grow your Photography Business on Instagram

How to Grow your Photography Business on Instagram

Photographers are always looking for ways to increase their presence on Instagram, and this video will help you get some of the best free tips around. In my photography course I teach my students how to market for free on instagram and have a powerful impact on their ideal customer. Watch this video to get some fo the best tips and get a new strategy that you can implement today!

How Can I Start Booking Clients from Instagram for my Photography?

You can start building your potential client base by the way that you post on instagram. Are you posting with a purpose or just to put an image up? Start thinking of how you can serve a purpose with every single post or instagram story.

If you photograph babies or weddings, an automobile photographer, food blogger photographer or even do fashion photography then you know how influential Instagram can be. However, are you using Instagram to the best of your ability and getting the influence that you need to keep booking photography clients?

How Does Instagram Work? (and Other Social Media)

The point of Instagram and all other social media like Facebook, YouTube, even Google is to keep you on the platform as long as possible. If you can keep the user on the platform without making them move to another platform, you will be rewarded. Remember that Instagram wants its users to rely on their platform for everything. They want you to research on Instagram, they want you to book mark on Instagram, they want you to share from Instagram.

You win on Instagram by making them look like a superstar. You do that by posting relevant content, providing value, and making the user experience something positive. The longer you keep somebody on Instagram, the more they will reward you by showing you to more people.

If the Instagram algorithm notices that people are stopping by your picture, they have stopped scrolling, they might like the picture, they might comment on the picture, they might stop and scroll to the second one on the slideshow feature, they may bookmark it or share it with other people. If they noticed this happening, they realize that something worthy was posted.. So they will start showing your content to more people that subscribed to you or on the explore page.

By making Instagram look good, they will reward you by giving you more exposure. Your first job should be to make the platform look great, and then that platform will reward you.

Instagram marketing for photographers

Instagram marketing for photographers

Question the Subscriber!

Moving forward you should only post an and then always ask them a question. If you don't ask a question you're asking them to continue scrolling after they saw your photograph. By asking them a question you are increasing the odds they will stop and read your entire caption, and that increases the time spent on your post. That tells the platform that you posted something worthy of engagement. If they do one even better and leave a comment… they are telling Instagram that your post is engaging and it is worthy of a comment. When someone posts a comment on your page, you should immediately reply with another comment and then another question. If you do this, you will dramatically increase the engagement on your post. You will get them to come back and visit your post. You will tell the algorithm of Instagram that you have a better connection with this person and moving forward they need to start seeing your posts more often.

You should always post on Instagram with a question, and seek their opinion. Remember we are humans looking for an engagement, engage with them. Bring in some old-fashioned world with the modern world.

The “So What” Question! So What!!?

When you post something, ask yourself if it matters to anyone. So what? So who would care about this? Are you doing this for your own ego or for your future clients? If you find a what you post fails the test, if you find that what you post is boring and doesn't really involve anyone else… Post something else.

Give Value ALWAYS!

Okay so why should anyone really follow your account? What are they gaining from this? Are they a supportive cousin or friend? What do the numbers mean, anything? If you give value people will always have a reason to follow you. My account on Instagram gives daily value on photography, that's why people stay subscribed. You can post a picture and to give a lot of value.

One example is posting a picture from a wedding and telling future clients what a beautiful place it is, which parts of the estate have the most potential for a beautiful photograph and what bits of advice you might give them for their wedding. When you do this, you will get the attention not only of the venue but other professionals and future clients.

Always gives value, you will not run out of value.

Have a DM Strategy in Place

How to market on instagram for photographers

How to market on instagram for photographers

Increasingly the direct message sec. of instant gram is getting more attention and use. If someone follows you, take 20 extra seconds and send them a direct message. Tell him thank you for following you, what they can expect from following your page, and if they ever have any questions they should feel free to contact you. Just a simple direct message will make them a lot less likely to stop following you. Remind them that you're a human being and that you noticed their participation on your page. Let them know that they exist. let's be human about this.

Use Instagram Stories

Stories on Instagram is an entirely different audience (kind of) than the regular posts and quickly overtaking the regular posts as the most viewed part. You can have a more personal relationship with people on Stories and even give them more access to your life.

Also remember that Instagram spent lots of time and money on features like POLLING and ASK ME ANYTHING. If they spent all that time/money on it, it’ must be very important to them. To go back to our original point, by using the provided features you are increasing engagement on their platform.

Use the stories features! Do the ASK ME ANYTHING. Use the polls. The more people engage with your poll or stories features, the more likely they are to see future posts. The more they see your posts, the higher the chance they engage with you and you keep climbing from there. You don’t have to spend money on IG ads to reach people. Use the audience that you already have and do it with strategy. This a tiny part of what I teach on my photography mentorship course. It’s a slow but solid build.

If you’re looking to build your photography business, learn how to make money and make the most of your photography skills then I want to help you start your business. Click here to find out more and to be a part of a free photography mini-course.

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