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Walid Azami, Owner of How to Photograph. Photo credit: Brandon Young

Walid Azami, Owner of How to Photograph.
Photo credit: Brandon Young

I started How to Photograph, after about 8 years of photography. I began my career with zero knowledge about using a camera or booking a client. One day I bought a camera and decided to follow my dreams. I was naive, broke, and hungry for success. Since I had no experience with the camera, I taught myself from books or the internet. I taught myself one new thing each day. Yes, 7 days a week I was on Youtube or at a local bookstore. I made countless business mistakes, really embarrassing ones! In there were also great decisions and I worked with clients like Usher, Kanye, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, HP, VW, Target, Courtney Love, etc...

After several years of shooting, I questioned what success meant. I still wanted great clients, still want beautiful images but my career began to feel empty. I needed fulfillment and that would come from helping others because the difficulty of starting my career was never forgotten. Therefore I started this project to share my experiences with others, hoping they also find a path to success. How to Photograph was that project! 

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