Walid Azami, Owner of How to Photograph. I'm a nice guy, even though I didn't smile for this photograph. Photo credit: Brandon Young

Walid Azami, Owner of How to Photograph. I'm a nice guy, even though I didn't smile for this photograph. Photo credit: Brandon Young

Walid Azami is a photographer & director who got his start by working with Madonna + Co to help create the multitude of projects under her brand. It was there that Walid realized his place in the creative world and began teaching himself photography & directing. That type of dedication and intent is what helped him create visuals for some of the world’s biggest icons and brands including Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, Usher, Christina Aguilera, Volkswagen, HP Computers, Target Stores, and a video of the year nomination for Tamar Braxton’s debut release.

What separates Walid’s work from the crowd is his ongoing affair of creating for a purpose & with intent to convey a message through his art. With that type of work ethic and respect for his subjects, Walid’s work can be seen on magazine covers, billboards, television specials, and through a variety of other mediums. 

After several years of shooting, Walid questioned what success meant. "I still wanted great clients, still want beautiful images but my career began to feel empty. I needed fulfillment and that would come from helping others because the difficulty of starting my career was never forgotten." 

Walid started this project to share his experiences with others, hoping they also find a path to success. How to Photograph was that project! 


Please never stop! You’re extremely supportive and inspirational. If you stop I’ll just have to steal you as a personal friend, so I can always hear your insights on photography.
— @Andrealynnart (Chicago, Illinois)
Hey I just wanted to say that I’m so amazed by what you do, how you treat other photographers and creatives. This is really rare. Just wanted to say thank you for all your work and inspiration”
— @AlinaPavliv (Ukraine/Poland)



If you're advanced or starting out and want one-on-one sessions with Walid about your portfolio, click here. You have several options to choose from. You can ask career advice or ask for portfolio help. Sessions are via Skype and available to anyone. Click here.

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